The Truth About Positive Affirmations

It appears that everywhere you turn these days you cannot help but run into someone espousing the benefits of affirmations. Many of these people are very well intentioned, and some are simply riding what they believe to be a popular wave of excitement. The truth is affirmations do work, when you work them.Affirmations are not a new idea. The history of the word can be traced back to the mid 1500s. Still today’s culture provides a fertile playground for their use and abuse. Affirmations are touted as the end all and be all of human aliments, discomforts and desires. The truth is much more subtle. Reciting an affirmation once or twice or posting in on your bathroom mirror simply does not cut it. Affirmations must become a part of your feelings and emotions. We must also determine just what feelings and emotions are. Feelings are the physical aspects of an event and your emotions are the mental reaction to those feelings. It follows that first we must create a feeling, something that moves our physical being and this will produce an emotional response. Here lies the true power of affirmations.In order to manifest our desires, change our conditions or create a new reality for ourselves we must create an underlying sense of having already accomplished our desire. Many of us have heard or used the phrase “Fake it until you make it.” While this does in some sense hold true, I prefer to think in terms of “Know it as possible and Know it as SO.” Affirmations help us to know the possibilities. I do not believe we need fake anything. Faking it subtly implies the impossibility of something. We are working with a very subtle principle here so the more specific we are the better results we will experience. Knowing IT is possible leads us to feeling hopeful, expectant, accepting of our truth or greater yet to be. This is the real feeling we are after with affirmations, the Greater Yet To Be. We simply know our good is coming to us; there is really no way it could not. The Law of Attraction (LOA) spells all this out clearly we will get whatever we think about. Affirmations are a simple way to initiate the LOA and we must do so with a firm belief that our requests are already manifest in the mind of the Universe. Once we recognize our affirmations as possible in the Universe it is only a short path to recognizing these same affirmations as manifest in and as our body of affairs. Are you with me?How many times have you heard “thoughts become things” or “what you think about you bring about”? These statements are very true, but can you simply think a thought once or twice and expect to experience a manifestation of that thought? Of course not, if this was true we would all be murders, divorced, or in jail. Our errant and wild thoughts do not become things because we give them very little energy. Our affirmations become reality when we give them energy. Where then does the energy come from? The energy in affirmations is repetition. How many times must a recite an affirmation for it to work? The answer is simple, as many times at it takes. I have always bee a proponent of “praying unceasingly” and this refers to praying until you see or experience the manifestation. Remember as soon as you affirm your truth the Universe begins moving that good into your life, if you give up affirming before you experience the good it is not that the universe failed to bring you your desire, it is that you must remain steadfast in your belief until your life matched the good you have been attracting. Repetition is therefore the key to manifesting our affirmations.A good affirmation is short and easily to remember. This makes it a simple process to repeat 100 times a day. Try reciting “I am whole and complete with nothing missing in my life.” Now say that ten times. How long did it take? Now try repeating this affirmation ten times at ten different times a day. If it takes 1 or 2 minutes to repeat ten times you will invest ten or twenty minutes a day reciting this affirmation 100 times. It is a simple process to get to one hundred. The fun begins when you realize it need not be a verbal recitation to be effective. What if every time you used a restroom you silent repeated “I am whole and complete with nothing missing in my life”? Soon you will begin to feel this affirmation as the truth of your life. As you build the feeling you begin to believe this truth. As you begin to believe the Universe responds by bringing experiences that prove this as true of your life. As you begin to experience the proof of your affirmation you more easily accept and recognize the experiences of life as more proof of this truth. This self feeding cycle builds and builds until you no longer need remind yourself of your truth. Once you experience the manifestation of your affirmation you are open to moving into a new affirmation. Soon life becomes an amazing experience of Divine Truth operating as you life in every moment.Will you slip and forget this truth? The obvious answer is yes you will, but you are not required to forget and repeat these reminders. The belief that you may forget your truth is one of those limiting beliefs that I believe no longer serve your Divine Life. Why not try affirming “I let go of any beliefs that no longer serve me and my evolution as a spiritual being.” The possibilities are endless and that’s the good news.The truth of Affirmations is simply that they do work and they are the truth of your Divine Life if you use them. Many people today tell me they have tried affirmations and they did not work or that they worked for a short time and then they became too simplistic of a process. I ask you to consider if you are really working your affirmations or are you playing lip service to this powerful spiritual practice? The term spiritual practice is just that, a practice. We must continue to use the tools we have and practice them daily in order to master the skill.I want you to know I recognize you as a Divine Emanation of Spirit, GOD, the Universe and you have the Power to express that Divinity in every moment. I suggest you practice reminding yourself of this truth by using affirmations unceasingly. Enjoy today and remember to affirm your truth until you see the manifestation and you will create the life you truly desire.

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